Governance Documents

Corporate governance policies are an essential element of the baseline practices necessary for companies to operate successfully and such policies are taken seriously at Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., the publicly-traded (NYSE: FDP) ultimate parent company of the Fresh Del Monte Produce companies.

The Board of Directors of Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc. have adopted strong corporate governance standards that promote the effective functioning of the Board, its committees, and the Company. The Directors of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. know that establishing these standards will help contribute to the success of the Company.

Committee Composition

Audit Committee Compensation Committee Governance Committee
Charles Beard, Jr.
Michael J. Berthelot C.P.A.
Mary Ann Cloyd
Lori Tauber Marcus
Ajai Puri
  • Lead Independent Director
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Chair

Contact the Board

Shareholders or other interested parties may contact any individual director by sending correspondence to the individual or recipient group at:

Attn: General Counsel
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
c/o Del Monte Fresh Produce Company
241 Sevilla Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida 33134