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On which stock exchange is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. traded?

Since 1997, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s Ordinary Shares have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange "NYSE" under the symbol FDP.

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When was Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s initial public offering and at what price?

The Company’s initial public offering took place on October 24, 1997.

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Does Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. pay a dividend?

The Company currently pays a quarterly cash dividend.

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Does Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. have a direct stock purchase plan?

No, the Company does not currently offer a direct share purchase plan.

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Who is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s transfer agent and registrar?

Computershare Investor Services
Overnight Mail Delivery
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY, 40202
Regular Mail
PO BOX 505000
Louisville, KY, 40233-5000
Customer Service Toll Free #: 866-245-9962
TDD for hearing Impaired: 800-231-5469
Foreign Shareholders: 201-680-6578
TDD Foreign Shareholders: 201-680-6610

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Who is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s independent registered certified public accounting firm?

Ernst & Young LLP is the Company's independent auditor.

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How can I obtain a copy of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s Annual Report on Form 10K, a Form 10-Q or a Proxy Statement?

The electronic version of the Annual Report on Form 10-K, along with other SEC filings can be accessed through the Financial Reports and SEC Filings pages of this web site’s Investor Relations section.

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Where is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s U.S. executive office?

The U.S. executive office is located at 241 Sevilla Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134.

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What are Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s primary products as measured by net sales?

In 2019, fresh and value-added products represented 60 percent, bananas represented 37 percent and products and services represented 3 percent of the net sales.

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What are Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s net sales by geographic region?

In 2019, North America represented approximately 65 percent of the net sales, Europe represented 14 percent, the Middle East represented 10 percent, Asia represented 10 percent, and other represented 1 percent.

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How many people does Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. employ?

The Company employs approximately 38,000 employees.

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What is the Company's strategy?

Our strategy is founded on six goals:

  • - Protect and grow the core business;
  • - Drive innovation and expansion growth on value-added categories;
  • - Evolve our culture to increase employee engagement and productivity;
  • - Become a technology driven company to drive efficiencies;
  • - Become a consumer driven company; and
  • - Sustainability: waste less for a better world tomorrow.
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What is your best performing product?

Our best performing products, from a margin perspective are our specialty pineapple, Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet, and our fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, fresh vegetables and avocado product lines.

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How are you expanding your product selection?

We always seek to add new innovative products and packaging that retailers, foodservice operators, convenience stores and consumers ask for.

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Is there seasonality in your business?

In part, as a result of seasonal sales price fluctuations, we have historically realized a greater portion of our net sales and of our gross profit during the first two calendar quarters of the year. The sales price of any fresh produce item fluctuates throughout the year due to the supply of and demand for that particular item, as well as the pricing and availability of other fresh produce items, many of which are seasonal in nature. For example, the production of bananas is continuous throughout the year and production is usually higher in the second half of the year, but the demand for bananas varies because of the availability of other fruit. As a result, demand for bananas is seasonal and generally results in higher sales prices during the first six months of the calendar year. We make most of our sales of non-tropical fruit from October to May. In the melon market, the entry of many growers selling unbranded or regionally branded melons during the peak North American and European melon growing season results in greater supply, and therefore lower selling prices, from June to October. As a result of greater demand during the fourth quarter, the prepared food business is expected to have higher net sales and gross profit during this period.

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What new business initiatives do you have underway to help improve shareholder value?

Our strategy is a combination of maximizing revenues from our existing infrastructure, entering new markets and strict cost control initiatives. We plan to continue to capitalize on the growing global demand for fresh produce and expand our reach into existing and new markets. We expect sales growth of fresh produce in key markets by increasing our sales volume and per unit sales prices as permitted by market conditions. We plan additional investments in production facilities in order to expand our product offering in established markets and continue with our recent expansion in growth markets.

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What would you like shareholders to know about the Company and your business that is not now clearly understood?

We believe that the secret to our success is the resilience that we have deliberately built into our business. Our competitive position is better than ever, as smaller, undercapitalized players exit the marketplace, lacking access to the funds they need to sustain themselves.

Equally important is that our view of our business is practical, and it always has been. While we are fully aware of—and engaged in addressing—the short-term issues we face, we are also sharply focused on our long-range outlook.

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Primary IR Contact

Christine Cannella
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
U.S. Executive Offices
241 Sevilla Avenue, 12th Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-520-8433
Fax: 305-567-0320

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